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Which Diamond Clarity is Best?

Ever looked at a diamond and wondered, "Why's this one so special?" Well, it's all about that sneaky thing called 'clarity'. Here is an easy-to-understand guide and get the lowdown on which clarity is the top choice.

What's Clarity All About?

So, diamond 'clarity' is like a report card for your diamond. It's about those tiny marks and spots inside the diamond. Fewer spots mean better clarity! And guess what? Better clarity usually means a higher price. But many times, we can't even see these tiny marks. Cool, right?

Imagine a group of gem experts with a super zoomy magnifying glass, looking at diamonds and giving them scores. They use a scale from 'included' (lots of spots) to 'flawless' (no spots!). Remember, flawless might sound super fancy, but sometimes you can't even tell the difference with your own eyes!

How to Choose the Right Clarity

Okay, here's the deal:

Flawless diamonds: These are the superstars with no spots. But they can be pricey!

Diamonds with a few spots: You might hear words like 'VS1' or 'VS2'. These diamonds might have tiny spots, but guess what? Most of the time, you can't see them without that super zoomy magnifying glass. And they're usually cheaper than flawless ones!

Checking the diamond: When picking a diamond, take a close look. If you can't see any spots, why pay more for a 'flawless' label?

Picking the Perfect Diamond for You

Size, shape, and color are cool, but clarity can be a game-changer for your wallet. So:

  1. Don't spend too much: Sometimes a slightly spotted diamond looks just as pretty as a flawless one. Why pay more?
  2. Choose the best clarity for you: Remember, some diamond shapes hide spots better.
  3. Look closely: Check the diamond from all angles. Can you see any spots? Where are they? If they're on the side, maybe the ring will hide them!

To Wrap Up...

Finding the best diamond is like a treasure hunt. It should make you happy without emptying your pockets! So, always keep an eye on that clarity. And if you're ever stuck, ask an expert to help. Shine on! ✨


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