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8 Diamond Cuts Women Adore

Have the words princess cut, emerald cut, and radiant cut ever gone over your head when discussing rings? Many women have an ideal type of diamond cut in mind and it's important to understand what those are so you can find the right one for your right person. 

Today we’re discussing the most popular diamond cuts and some background information on each. Diamond cuts make all the difference to the sparkle of a diamond and its presentation. Sound like a pro the next time you go ring shopping with our guide. 

Here's the list of top diamond cuts you'll most likely spot on a newly-wed:

  1. Round Cut: The reigning champ! This timeless circular beauty reflects light like no other, making it the perfect match for those who adore classics.

  1. Princess Cut: Think modern, chic, and slightly less expensive than the round cut. Its sharp and sleek appearance makes it a top choice for contemporary brides.

  1. Cushion Cut: Imagine a diamond shaped like your favorite pillow. With its vintage presentation, it’s been making quite the comeback, offering both style and brilliance.

  1. Oval Cut: A stretched version of the round cut, the oval cut is perfect for those  wanting the brilliance of a round diamond but with a touch of uniqueness. Make sure to look out for the bowtie effect when selecting one of these rings (when a section in the middle of the cut doesn’t shine due to a cut sometimes not matching the stone).

  1. Emerald Cut: Going for that vintage charm? This cut, with its rectangular facets and “hall-of-mirrors'' effect is a throwback to the elegant Art Deco period.

  1. Marquise Cut: If royalty is your thing, this is your diamond. Its boat-like shape gives the illusion of a larger size, perfect for those who love a touch of drama.

  1. Radiant Cut: Just as its name suggests, this diamond sparkles like a star! It has similar dimensions to the emerald cut but contains much more sparkle.

  1. Heart Cut: For the romantics at heart, this cut is all about love and symbolizes deep affection. It is one of the most difficult cuts to create but it is absolutely stunning.

We hope this guide has helped you in your future ring shopping. To get started finding the ring that’s right for your special someone, look on our site today to find the perfect ring.


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