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The Legends of Sparkle: Most Famous Diamond Rings in History

Diamonds have long been the jewels of choice for declarations of love, symbols of power, and embodiments of elegance. Yet, among the countless diamonds that have graced fingers throughout history, a select few have ascended to legendary status.


These diamond rings and gems are not just stunning pieces of craftsmanship; they are icons with tales that have captivated the world. Many also try to replicate these iconic styles in their own engagement rings. Let’s uncover the stories behind the most famous diamond that have etched their sparkle into history.


The Cullinan's Royal Cut: A Queen's Treasure The Cullinan diamond is a story of superlatives – the largest rough diamond discovery that spawned a lineage of stones fit for royalty. This diamond was found in South Africa in 1905. Among the different pieces made from this diamond, a splendid 3.106-carat piece was fashioned into a ring for Queen Alexandra. Its regal luster and complex history makes it one of the most famous diamonds in the world.


The Taylor-Burton Affair: A Gem of Hollywood Romance Elizabeth Taylor, a name synonymous with both silver screen stardom and stunning jewels, was the esteemed wearer of the Taylor-Burton Diamond. Gifted by her co-star and husband Richard Burton, this 68-carat marvel wasn't just a symbol of their passionate romance but also of their lavish lifestyle. Though originally set in a ring, its sheer size and weight led to it being remounted as a necklace, better showcasing its breathtaking beauty.


The Hope Diamond: A Blue Curse The Hope Diamond's fabled curse is as famous as its deep blue hue. Though it's known mainly as a pendant, this diamond has a history that includes time set in a ring. Its journey from the hands of kings to the Smithsonian Institution is a tapestry woven with stories of misfortune and mystery.


Jackie Kennedy's Dual Gems: A Presidential Proposal When John F. Kennedy proposed to Jacqueline Bouvier, he did so with a ring as unique as their future together would be. The design featured an emerald and a diamond of equal size, complemented by tapered baguettes. It was a ring befitting American royalty.


A Royal Heirloom: Princess Diana's Sapphire Kate Middleton's engagement ring is perhaps one of the most recognized pieces in modern times. This ring, with its 12-carat sapphire encircled by diamonds, began its story on the hand of Princess Diana. Its selection by Prince William for his proposal to Kate imbued it with more sentimental meaning to the couple and the nation. If you love this ring, see our dupe!


The Pink Star: Auction Fame The Pink Star diamond ring became an auction sensation when it sold for over $71 million in 2017. Its 59.60-carat pink diamond makes it a rare treasure and a testament to the allure of colored diamonds. It has also been set as a ring in its lifetime (a heavy one we're sure).


These famous diamond rings are more than luxurious adornments. They are historical landmarks, capturing the style of the times and personalities that defined them. As enduring as the stones themselves, the legends of these diamonds continue to fascinate jewelers, historians, and romantics alike.


In our collection, while we may not hold the Hope Diamond or Taylor-Burton, we believe every diamond has the potential to tell a unique and compelling story. Discover the ring that will start your legend today in our store.


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