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Thanksgiving: The Perfect Time to Propose

As fall makes nature vibrant and family comes together, Thanksgiving emerges as one of the best times to propose.

This holiday, steeped in gratitude and togetherness, offers a unique backdrop for starting a new chapter in your love story. Here's why Thanksgiving could be the ideal time to propose, along with some proposal ideas to make the moment unforgettable.

Embracing the Essence of Thanksgiving

  1. A Time of Togetherness: Thanksgiving is when families gather, making it a perfect occasion to propose in the presence of your loved ones. It can be something the whole family celebrates at the Thanksgiving feast and it is also good to have family members to help out with pulling off a successful proposal.
  2. Gratitude at its Core: The essence of Thanksgiving is gratitude, and what better way to express your deepest thanks than by asking your partner to spend a lifetime with you? It's telling your partner that they are among the greatest blessings in your life.
  3. The Perfect Setting: The ambiance of Thanksgiving - warm, cozy, and intimate - creates a naturally romantic setting that’s ideal for a proposal. The holiday's charm lies in its simplicity and warmth, which can make your proposal all the more heartfelt.

Thanksgiving Proposal Ideas

Now that we've talked about why this season is a great time to propose, here are some ideas that take advantage of the wonderful time of year and having family in town.

  1. The Family Gathering Proposal: If your partner loves family traditions, a proposal in the midst of your Thanksgiving celebration can be deeply meaningful. You can get down on one knee right before dinner, turning the meal into an impromptu engagement party.
  2. A Gratitude Game Turned Proposal: Initiate a gratitude round where each person shares what they're thankful for. When it's your turn, express your gratitude for your partner and smoothly transition into your proposal. It's intimate, unexpected, and will be forever remembered every Thanksgiving.
  3. Outdoor Autumn Romance: Take advantage of the beautiful autumn scenery. A walk in a park adorned with fall colors can be the perfect lead-up to your proposal. The natural beauty of the season, coupled with the serenity of the outdoors, can make for a stunning and peaceful proposal setting.
  4. A Culinary Surprise: If you both enjoy cooking, collaborate on making a Thanksgiving dish. You could hide the ring in a mini pumpkin, or simply pop the question over a homemade pumpkin pie. It's a sweet blend of tradition and personal touch.
  5. Thankful Memories Scrapbook: Create a scrapbook filled with memories of your relationship, with the last page being your proposal. It's a thoughtful and sentimental way to lead into the big question, making the proposal a trip down memory lane.


Proposing on Thanksgiving means intertwining your engagement story with a time of love, gratitude, and family. It's a celebration not just of your union, but also of the love and thankfulness that surrounds you both.

As you plan your Thanksgiving proposal, take a look at our collection of engagement rings so you're prepared for the fateful moment. With family all around, the ring will be oohed and aahed at by the whole group!

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This Thanksgiving, consider giving your partner a memory that extends beyond the holiday – a moment of love and commitment that they'll cherish forever and every time you sit down for a Thanksgiving meal.


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