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Our Top 5 Diamond Cuts

Before we dive into our fave shapes, let's chat about two words that might confuse you: "shape" and "cut."

Shape vs. Cut – What’s the Deal?

Diamond Shape: Think of it as the diamond's outline. Like, is it round? Square? Heart-shaped? 

Diamond Cut: This is about how the diamond's tiny surfaces, or "facets," are arranged. A well-cut diamond? Super sparkly. A not-so-great one? Kinda dull.

Now, let’s talk about the shapes we can’t stop dreaming about.

 1. Round Diamonds

Why We Love 'Em: Round diamonds are like the classic blue jeans of diamonds – always in style! Plus, did you know more than half of all engagement rings sold have round diamonds?

Heads Up: These guys can be pricier than other shapes.

 Round Diamond ring

 2. Princess-Cut Diamonds

Why We Love 'Em: These square diamonds are new kids on the block but have quickly become everyone's BFF. They've got personality, and their flat sides make 'em easy to set next to other stones.

Bonus: They can cost less than round ones!

Princess cut diamond ring

3. Emerald-Cut Diamonds

Why We Love 'Em: These rectangle diamonds are all about elegance. They might sparkle less, but they've got a special charm.

Shopping Tip: Since you can see inside them easily, you want ones with fewer spots or "inclusions." Look for super clear ones!

Emerald cut diamond ring4. Cushion-Cut Diamonds

Why We Love 'Em: Picture a mix between a square and a rectangle, but with soft, cute corners. Some say they look like pillows, so sometimes they're called "pillow cuts."

Sparkle Alert: These diamonds know how to shine bright!

cushion cut diamond ring

5. Asscher-Cut Diamonds

Why We Love 'Em: They’re kinda like squares, but with a neat, modern twist. Super tidy and bold.

Pro Tip: Like emerald cuts, you’ll wanna find ones that are really clear.

Asscher cut diamond ring


There you have it! Our top diamond shapes that make us go "Ooo!" and "Aah!" Remember, every diamond is special. So, pick the one that makes your heart sing!


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