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Nature's Crazy: How Diamonds are Made

Diamonds, with their entrancing sparkle, have captured the imagination of civilizations throughout history. But beyond their glittering facades lies an equally fascinating story of creation—a tale that spans the depths of the Earth to the innovation of modern science. Read on to learn the extraordinary journey it takes to create a diamond.

Born from the Belly of the Earth: The Natural Formation of Diamonds

The birth of a diamond is a tale of transformation under conditions most extreme. It begins deep within the Earth's mantle, where carbon atoms reside. Here, approximately 100 miles beneath the surface, these carbon atoms exist, awaiting the catalyst that will change them into something extraordinary.

A Fiery Beginning

Under the immense weight of the overlying earth and the scorching temperatures that can soar up to 1,300 degrees Celsius, carbon atoms begin a a process of high-pressure alchemy.

This rigorous environment subjects them to forces so intense that they bond in a unique crystalline arrangement—this is the birth of a diamond.

A Volcanic Voyage

As dramatic as the beginning of a diamond is, it's journey from the mantle to the surface is just as transformative. Propelled by powerful volcanic eruptions through conduits known as kimberlite pipes, molten rock carries these new diamonds in a fiery ascent.

The magma, rich with the diamonds forged in the deep, rockets toward the surface, eventually cooling into the kimberlite rocks that are the primary source of today's diamond mines.

The Gift of Time and Erosion

Over millions of years, the forces of erosion gradually uncover these hidden treasures, transporting them from their igneous cradles to riverbeds, oceans, and ultimately to the surface where they can be discovered and extracted.

The Unending Allure of Diamonds

As we adorn ourselves with these symbols of durability and brilliance, we connect with both the history of the planet and times long since past. Diamonds symbolize the enduring and the beautiful way in which they were made.

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