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How Diamond Carats Work

When it comes to ring shopping, there can be terms used that make no sense to the beginner buyer. Today we’re going to learn about what a carat is, how it relates to diamonds, and why so many future fiancées care about them. 

What's Even is a Carat?

No, it’s not the vegetable. A “carat” is a unit of measurement that is used to weigh diamonds and other precious gemstones. 

One carat is the same as 0.2 grams. A common misconception about carats is that they refer to the size of a diamond, when they actually measure the weight. The sparkle of a diamond is also not related to the carats it contains, but to the cut.

Why Do We Care About Carats?

Be it movies or social perceptions, it has been determined by society that the heavier the rock, the more it is worth. Bigger and heavier diamonds are harder to find so they also cost more. How special, rare, and well crafted a diamond is can play a large role in its overall price, along with its weight.

Which Size is the Best?

This is like asking, "Which ice cream flavor is the best?" It depends on what you and who you’re buying the ring for likes. Most diamonds used in jewelry are smaller than 1 carat, but every size can look beautiful with the right cut and setting. Some people love small diamonds while others have always dreamed of a big one that can blind others with its shine.

At the end of the day, the carats a diamond has is only a part of its uniqueness and value. Find out what your loved one likes, if they have a carat amount in mind, and remember that a ring or diamond is a very personal choice. 

Everyone doesn’t have to wear it on their hand forever, it will just be you or your loved one. Pick one that delights you and you can’t go wrong. 

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