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Choosing the Perfect Companions: The Art of Selecting Side Stones for Your Ring

So you've decided on a center stone for your ring. What's next?

The side stones of course!

The side stones are pivotal in setting the stage for a ring's overall beauty and character. We'll tell you the best side stone options to complement your centerpiece and make your ring truly shine for that special someone.

The Classics: Diamonds as Side Stones

Diamonds are a natural pick for side stones, thanks to their durability and timeless appeal. Round brilliant diamonds bring a touch of classic sparkle that enhances any main gem without stealing the show. If you are looking for a more vintage style, baguette or emerald-cut diamonds bring an Art Deco elegance with understated shimmer.

If modern is your thing, trillion-cut diamonds bring a dynamic edge with their triangular shape, making them a unique choice for contemporary designs.

A Splash of Color: Gemstone Side Stones

Moving beyond diamonds, colored gemstones allow for more uniqueness and creativity:

  • Sapphires: Known for their royal blue hue, sapphires are as tough as they are beautiful, making them an ideal choice for an everyday piece that stands the test of time. Not limited to blue, sapphires come in a rainbow of colors, so if you know your special someone's favorite color, this can be a good option.
  • Rubies: These stones bring a fiery intensity to any ring. The vibrant red of a ruby can create a stunning contrast, especially when set next an icy bright central diamond.
  • Emeralds: With their rich green color, emeralds add a level of sophistication and depth. They're often paired with vintage-style settings for a traditional feel.

The Diamond Alternative: Moissanites

For those seeking the diamond look without the diamond price, moissanites are an excellent alternative. Nearly as hard as diamonds and boasting an amazing amount of sparkle, these stones offer sustainability and affordability without compromising on the wow factor.

Subtle Elegance: Pearls and Aquamarines

Pearls and aquamarines provide a more understated elegance. Pearls, with their gentle luster, give a nod to classic sophistication, while the tranquil blues of aquamarine suggest a serene and delicate presence.

Harmony in Design: Cut, Color, and Proportion

When selecting side stones, the cut should not only match the main stone but also complement it. Consistency in cut creates harmony, while a mix-and-match approach can add an eclectic and custom feel to the design.

Color can play either a harmonious or contrasting role. Decide if you want a monochromatic look, which can be quite striking in its simplicity, or if you want the side stones to introduce a vibrant pop of color for a more dramatic effect.

Proportion is also key. Side stones are there to flatter, not overpower. They should enhance the main gemstone’s features, ensuring the centerpiece remains the focal point.

Are Side Stones Needed?

If you are buying this ring for your significant other, see if they have any ideas of a ring, and if any include side stones. Some rings look better without side stones so it's good to do your research into what your significant other prefers.

Caring for Your Side Stones

Just as with the main stone, the care for side stones is crucial. Hard stones like diamonds, sapphires, and rubies can withstand the rigors of daily wear, while softer stones like pearls require a bit more TLC to maintain their beauty.

Closing Thoughts

The right side stones can transform a ring from merely beautiful to breathtaking. They are the accents that can tell a story, signify a personality, or elevate a design. When chosen thoughtfully, side stones not only complement the main gem but also add to a ring's narrative. They can help create a piece that is truly unique and personal.

If you're ready to find the perfect balance of main and side stones for your dream ring, look no further than our selection

We wish you luck in finding the perfect ring for your perfect someone.


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